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In order to strengthen the material management, standardize the procurement of spare parts, to ensure the normal spare parts supply, control the cost of procurement to reduce production costs, the development of the procurement rules.

1. strictly abide by the "provisions of the company procurement of materials."

2. the production or use of spare parts according to the needs of the proposed plan. Normal maintenance needs to be planned seven days in advance; overhaul program proposed 30 days.

3.maintenance requirements planning by the Ministry of Production or Technology Department after the audit, reported in charge of production, vice president of approval.

4. the temporary demand plan by the workshop or use of the Department of room, production management audit.

5. the proposed demand plan Workshop or department will be audited the needs of the plan in good faith in charge of the deputy director of the supply and approval, the Ministry of supply by the Ministry of Supply is responsible for procurement.

6. the Ministry of Supply adhere to the multi-inquiry, shop around, the preferred procurement principles of the procurement of spare parts.

7. foreign spare parts or technical requirements of the procurement of spare parts with high technology department in conjunction with procurement. (Due to foreign spare parts procurement cycle is long, must be in advance procurement)

8.spare parts procurement is completed, should be promptly requested in accordance with financial regulations for invoices for storage procedures. Timely to the financial settlement and billing procedures.

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